Photos Of The World’s Youngest Parents, The Last One Will Blow Your Mind.

Ideally, people become parents when they are emotionally, mentally, and physically ready: That is, when they have the resources, maturity, and life experiences to manage parenthood without going off the deep end. But, like a lot of things in life, becoming a parent doesn’t always come with perfect timing. Sometimes, it happens much, much, earlier than planned.

Take these young people, for instance. Some of their stories are tragic, as they were subjected to horrifying abuses at incredibly young ages. Others are simply victims of circumstance and accidental pregnancies, resulting in them having to grow up exceedingly quickly in order to raise the child they created.

Whatever the reason, the ages of these young parents will leave you somewhere between shock and despair (not to mention inspiring a shoulder shrug or two), wondering how they ever got to the point of pregnancy in the first place. #11 shouldn’t even have been possible, but it happened.

#1. Jordan Williams & Tia John had a baby girl at a shocking young age.

There’s no telling how these young people will fare raising a baby — especially because they were both 14 years old when she was born.