World’s Most Identical Twins Share A Boyfriend, Want To Get Pregnant At Same Time

One of the most complicated things a human being will ever do is enter into a long-term romance with another human being. There are few hard-and-fast rules for these things. They’re as different as the humans involved. But some of them are more different than others.

Even with a live-and-let-live approach, sometimes you can’t help stopping and wondering what’s going on with another relationship. It’s human nature. And regardless of your opinion, you’ve probably never heard of an arrangement like theirs before.

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Perth, Australia’s Anna and Lucy DeCinque pride themselves on how alike they are.

They go out of their way to look like each other and do as many things together as possible, all to be recognized as the world’s most identical twins.

Twins Share A Boyfriend
via Facebook / AnnaLucy DeCinque

They share a car, a Facebook page, a mobile phone number, clothes, hairstyles, and even a job caring for the elderly.

And they’ve gone under the knife to get plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements, including breast implants and lip fillers, just to look more alike.

via Facebook / AnnaLucy DeCinque
via Facebook / AnnaLucy DeCinque

Perhaps most controversial of all, Anna and Lucy share a boyfriend, Ben Byrne.

Ben, an electrical mechanic, met the girls through mutual friends who hooked them up on Facebook. While many outsiders don’t approve, Lucy and Anna’s mother gives Ben a pass, calling him a “true gentleman.” Like most mothers, she’s just happy that her daughters are happy.

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Although men around the world have offered cash, trips, and more to spend the night with them, Anna and Lucy say they’re committed to their relationship with Ben.

“Men are fascinated by us and they’re always offering us holidays and gifts like jewelry,” they say. “The attention is flattering, but we’d never accept the offers because we’ve been with Ben for four years. He’s very protective, but doesn’t let the attention get to him.”

Theirs has to be one of the trickiest relationships you’ve ever heard of…

via Facebook / AnnaLucy DeCinque
via Facebook / AnnaLucy DeCinque