7 Thoughts Every Guy Has During Sex… They’ll NEVER Admit To The Last One.

You heard the old saying that all men ever think about is sex. This is obviously not entirely true. Men think about sex as much as women do, except they talk about it more openly than their female counterparts.

Nonetheless, have you ever stopped to wonder what happens when they are in the act of lovemaking? Does a man’s brain go into a zen zone of complete peace and quiet? Or does it begin to go into overdrive with multiple thoughts and idea whizzing through?

Men are complex and fascinating creatures who are just as vulnerable as women. They also have the same questions and concerns when it comes to sex. They hope to live up to the hype, that looks are not deceiving and he is the perfect lover she expects him to be.

“For the love of God, please stop making that face and sound.”

Guys are smart and they can tell when you are faking it with your loud moaning and making these silly faces you see in the movies. Just stop.

Thoughts During Sex